"Come Jamaica"

On July 31st Cali Conscious released "Come Jamaica." Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Love and Laughter Studios in Anaheim, California with music engineer Orlando Torres. "Come Jamaica" is a call to the universe. Searching for love yet to be found. Cali Conscious sings out for that "one love vibration," an easy going, island type of love using Jamaica as a metaphor for finding just that. Zion, heaven on earth. The California Reggae-Rock band will release one single each month in 2018.


Follow the journey and Support the band by joining the Conscious Crew and donating $1/month at Patreon.com/CaliConscious. Each person that donates will receive a brand new single each month. There are other tiers with more bonuses like unreleased merch products, unreleased cover videos, handwritten lyric books, behind the scenes videos in the recording studio, monthly live stream concerts, music lessons from the band teaching how to play the songs and a monthly online meet up with the band to talk about the songs.